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Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boiler

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Biomass boiler adopts reciprocating grate, which is the most suitable combustion equipment for biomass fuel combustion. Compared with traditional boilers, the structure design of boilers has larger space and reasonable secondary air arrangement, which is conducive to the full combustion of a large amount of volatile matter released in the instantaneous combustion of biomass fuels.

Biomass boiler can be equipped with fuel (gas) ignition burner to realize ignition automation. The feeding, combustion, slag removal, water supply and ignition of boilers can be controlled automatically, and the operation is very convenient. The boiler is equipped with an automatic ash cleaning device, which can remove the ash deposited on the heating surface of the boiler in time to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the boiler. The boiler tail is equipped with economizer or air preheater according to user's needs. Compared with traditional boilers, boilers have higher efficiency and lower exhaust temperature.

Biomass boiler with high efficiency thermal insulation material, the surface temperature of the boiler is low and the heat dissipation loss can be neglected. Strictly in accordance with China's national norms and standards, all pressurized components are made of high-quality boiler steel. Every boiler has to undergo strict inspection and testing before leaving the factory, including water pressure test and X-ray test. Manhole, inspection door and fire-watching hole are set up, so maintenance is very convenient. The biggest characteristics of biomass boilers are: energy saving, environmental protection, and easy installation and use.

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