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The steam boiler by the drum and the two side of water wall tube compose convection chamber and convection gas flue,the front smoke chamber made up of four pipe-shed and front tube plate. Inside the drum installed convection pipe thread. Supporting the whole furnace, chain grate at the bottom of the water-cooling system supporting the whole furnace, become a package boiler.
  • Steam Boiler

    Steam Boiler

    steam boiler is a horizontal three-way water fire tube boiler. Arrange the threaded pipe in the drum, on both sides have the water wall tube, front and back arch with a new type of energy-saving furnace arch, the use of light small scale chain grate is more conducive to the...Read More
  • Diesel Gas Boiler

    Diesel Gas Boiler

    diesel/gas boilers are horizontal internal combustion three-way full wet back boiler, boiler radiation heating surface is the whole corrugated furnace, convection heating surface with threaded pipe, big heating surface, the boiler have enough heat output force, thermal...Read More
  • Coal Biomass Boiler

    Coal Biomass Boiler

    coal/biomass boiler is a horizontal three-way water and fire tube boiler.The fuel is thrown into the furnace by worker.After the fuel full combustion in the furnace, the high temperature flue gas through the two sides of the furnace arranged on both sides of the water pipe...Read More
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